A 360° communication service dedicated to companies, dealers and agencies that work in the automotive industry.

If you work in automotive market, we don’t need to explain you how complex and sophisticated it is.
Nor you’ll have to spend your time to, because we already know it.

We have been working for cars communication for fifteen years so far, providing great creative campaigns, making our customers happy and harvesting awards. We worked with cars of any size, shape and price driven by drivers of any age, nationality and income. Consequently, we offer creative solutions to projects of any kind of media and budget.

Zog helps you to:

  • develop communication for national and international markets – view case
  • position or reposition a car model into a segmented market – view case
  • convey adequately your brand values in sponsorships and co-marketing
  • supervise and direct video/photo production and post-production – view case
  • involve customers on social media to co-produce your communication and spread the voice – view case
  • meet your seasonal deadlines like car check-ups and motor shows
  • support sales force and dealers with the right communication tools for the point of sale
  • persuade your customers of the value of your after sales services
  • promote and explain with simplicity your Finalcial Services, both B2B and B2C
  • meet all the last minute requests of your dealers scattered all over the country

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