Beautiful Numbers

Fiat Bravo is classified as C-segment or Mid-size car. Target customers in this segment are characterized by rational approach to purchasing.


They research online about technical features and compare all the competing models. Good value for money is the key factor in this car advertising campaign.


(Project developed for Leo Burnett Italy)


While having a good reputation for design, Fiat Bravo is perceived being inferior to competitors in terms of technological content; especially compared to German competitors.

The communication objective of the campaign is to prove that Bravo is not just a beautiful car but that she also has all the engineering content required to be a cutting edge C-segment car.

The campaign lists all the technological features of the car under the concept of:
Numbers have never been so beautiful.

Each number describes one of the technical features.

Special section in the website is the Car Configurator.
Depending on the client’s behavioral parameters (kilometers/year, family size, etc.), the configurator suggests the Bravo model with the most suitable set-up.

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