Do you really love your money?

BuyBoom is a cashback service based on mobile app and website. This kind of service was pretty new in Italy at the moment of the launch (2017), so the main communication problem was to explain what it is: Making people aware of the possibility of earning money in the very moment they are spending.


The app is very easy to use:

  1. The dealer shows a QRcode on a smartphone to the customer
  2. The customer launches the app and frames the QRcode with his own smartphone
  3. Transaction done

Nevertheless getting people to change their habits is not quick and easy done.
So the main challenge was: how can we make them spend a few seconds with BuyBoom while they are paying at the counter?

But, together with BuyBoom, we found a smarter strategy:
Why trying so hard to change some people’s habits while there are some other people who are already happy to do it?

So we dicided to aim, with our communication campaign, a single consumer cluster: the Technology Adoption “Innovators”. Those, in the society, who are the first to embrace technological novelties.

Digging into data, we also found an interesting overlapping and discovered that the “Tech Innovators”, regardless of their income, are always mindful with their money. This translates in terms of investing online, web searching for price comparison, online banking, etc.

From this insight we developed a communication strategy based on the concept of “Money”, discarting other approaches like “Shopping Community” or “Discount”.
Conseguently we launched BuyBoom on the creative concept of “I love my Money”.

For the launch campaign, Zog was asked to develop:

  1. a commercial
  2. ads and animations for Facebook and Social
  3. print and billboards for local areas

Daily expenses are no big thing.
But when summed up on yearly basis it is easy to realize how much money could be cashbacked from waxing, sportswear, wine or videogames.

If money grew on trees,
we would be still like monkeys.
The easiest way to have a basic guaranteed income is (as usual) to make it yourself.
This is the only real passive income.
If you think of a town, of a sin or of a book, you are terribly on the wrong way.
One euro saved is one euro gained. Without working.
One euro a day, makes 365 euros in a year.
The first rule is not to lose.
The second rule is not to forget the first rule.
(Warren Buffett)
Time is money.
But time doesn’t make your wallet heavier.
Money doesn’t give you happiness.
But it’s better crying on a taxi than on a bus.
Banknotes wipe tears better than handkerchief.
Be good with your money,
one day it will be grateful.
Does money stink?
Maybe; just like truffles.
Money is like a pig:
nothing is wasted with it.
The wealthiest 1% of the world,
puts 100% of their money to work.

Memes and billboards.

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