Casa Fassona

Casa Fassona is a proximity butcher’s store specializing in the sale and small-scale supply of high quality meats, wines and cheeses and other similar groceries, all strictly Made in Piedmont, which represents a world-wide excellence in food.

A great challenge in food communication for us.


Located at the gates of a big town like Milan, Casa Fassona has a simple philosophy: to keep in touch her city customers with the rural world of Piedmont spreading culture through food.

  1. telling the story of producers who have passed on art for generations.
  2. knowing and seeing in person how animals are raised by visiting the farms.
  3. feeling the alternation of seasons through food and products linked to each season.
  4. spreading and experiencing typical recipes of Piedmont cuisine.


While having a traditional mood, Casa Fassona targets the modern family. For this reason, communication, as well as at the point of sale and in the local area, uses social media at daily basis.

Next to retail, Casa Fassona is launching e-commerce and Zog has directed the photo shooting for the online store.

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