fiat punto, 20 years

Fiat, in co-marketing with Quattroruote (the leading Italian car magazine), launches a contest on social media to celebrate the 20 year anniversary of Fiat Punto.


(Project developed for Leo Burnett Italy)


Remaining on the market for 20 years is a great record for a car and Fiat wants to reward the loyalty of her customers.

In order to win a new Fiat Punto, contenders are asked to produce a video and show what kind of record they reached with their Punto.

Promoting the contest online

TV commercial

Some of the videos received:

Crossing France boundaries several times in one minute.

Taking a tour of the world more than once.

First car, bought with the first salary.

Testing the car’s stability balancing an egg.

Selling 8 Fiat Punto in a day.

Passing over all the other Punto with my Punto

Having more friends on a Fiat Punto than on FaceBook.

The Fiat Punto that carried more pizzas.

More than 1000 Km on the water with my Punto

The campaign had success so the contest had immediately a second edition.

Winners of the first edition.

Winners of the second edition.

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